BANKING Waves of Kudos®

Please ship your Waves of Kudos® to make a deposit to your Waves of Kudos® Program account. Participating schools will collect the Waves of Kudos® and are responsible for verifying the Waves of Kudos® and point values. The signed Redeeming Points Sheet Deposit must be mailed in to verify any deposit.

Waves of Kudos® Verification Procedure

To speed up handling and to get your merchandise to you faster, carefully follow the instructions below:

  • Place Waves of Kudos® [UPCs] flat for counting.
  • Make sure only eligible Waves of Kudos® Program UPCs are included.  
  • When counting your Waves of Kudos®, record them on the “Redeeming Points Sheet.”
  • Note: Click on “Redeeming Points Sheet [ Deposit ]” for a printable electronic form.
  • Group all bonus value/specially marked Waves of Kudos® together.
  • After completing your Waves of Kudos® banking, print out a copy of your “Redeeming Points Sheet.”
  • Mail the signed “Waves of Kudos® " to:

Maggie’s F-W

P O Box 145

Waylaid, MI 49348

  • Remember to make two copies of your “Redeeming Points Sheet [Deposit Forms ]” and any other documents - one for your records, and the originals mailed to us. Please do not fax “Redeeming Points Sheet [Deposit Forms].”
  • Once your certified “Redeeming Points Sheet [Deposit]” is received, your account balance will be verified online. Your account will be verified and updated within 4 weeks of the mailing date.
  • Bank and ensure we receive your Redeeming Points Sheet [Deposit Forms] any time between September 1, and May 15th. Remember to make and keep a copy of your “Redeeming Points Sheet [Deposit]” for your records.
  • All redemption materials, order forms, etc. become the property of Maggie's F-W [Waves of Kudos] and will not be returned. We will notify the Principal at your school in writing within 2 weeks of receipt of the Redeeming Points Sheet [Deposit Forms] with the audit results. If the audit results identify a shortage versus amount quoted in the associated Redeeming Points Sheet [Deposit], the school will be given 2 weeks from the date the audit results letter is sent, to deliver us the additional Redeeming Points Sheet [Deposit] to cover the difference. Associated shipping costs for sending these additional Redeeming Points Sheet [Deposit Forms] are the responsibility of the school.
  • Place an order in  Waves of Kudos® : Click on Merchandise Redemption.

Effective Date: This Order and Banking Instructions is effective and was last updated on September 20, 2021.