Quick Overview:

Who is ABii?

ABii is next-generation, educational technology.  ABii engages children with fun, social interactions and effectively delivers core subject instruction to change the academic trajectory for kids in grades K-5.  ABii gives parents a powerful tool for supporting and advancing school performance.  We developed ABii the robot tutor because we believe it’s time we invest more into our children’s future.

ABii is a desktop-size robot with an accompanying web app that can be utilized with any wifi-enabled device. The online skills-based lessons, paired with ABii, and her online friends are part of an ecosystem that covers key topics to improve individual academic achievement. Kids love learning with ABii and stay more engaged in subjects that might otherwise become tedious or challenging for many students.

The Science Behind ABii

ABii and her online friends combine cutting-edge artificial intelligence with proven teaching techniques. Bringing something unique and innovative to the market of technology and education. ABii tracks attention and performance to adapt instruction to each learners individual needs.

The more your child works with ABii, the robot will adapt instruction through the use of artificial intelligence to your child’s specific learning needs.  ABii is very intuitive and enlist the help of her online friends to put your child at ease. Wanda, Mario, Jolt, Vee, and Url are all part of ABii’s ecosystem that work together to make learning exciting! For example, Mario has a pizza parlor but can’t do fractions. Wanda travels all the time but can’t figure out currency conversions. As a team, ABii and her online friends help to build confidence for your child in the process of gaining core skills in math.